مبدل سریال به وایرلس PL-871

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Application fields

PL-871 wireless, 868 MHz free band, digital transmission module offers standard RS-232, RS-485 and UART/TTL level interfaces for direct connection with computers, use’s RS-485 equipments, SCM or other UART parts.
PL-871 has adopted half duplex communication channel most suitable for point to multi-point communication mode. The primary station takes full control of communication harmony, and adopts data frames with address codes for data or command transmitting. The secondary station shall fully receive them and select response by comparing address codes; all the work shall be fulfilled by upper layer protocols, which shall ensure that only one wireless module in the communication network is in the transmitting state in any instant to avoid mutual interference. Therefore, the transmission channel built byPL-871 is transparent to the user.
PL-871 can also be applied to point to point communication, making it easier and smoothly upgrade wire (RS232/485/TTL) transmission mode in original system

Application fields

Industrial telecontrol, telemetering, wireless message recording.
Automatic data acquisition systems, wireless label, wireless telecontrol, meteorology and hydrology monitoring.
Gate safety check on work attendance, POS system, wireless monitoring of machine room facilities.
Other wireless RS232/485/TTL data communication.