مبدل سریال به وایرلس PL-3100GR

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Application fields

Industrial video monitoring, wireless digital transmission
Gate safety system, ATM, POS, wireless network
Intelligent traffic

General information

The built-in upper layer TCP/IP protocols of PL3100GR series GPRS wireless router can let your terminals equipped with LA:N ports share GPRS wireless connecting.
PL3100GR series GPRS wireless router possesses a 10M local area network, and functions like address conversion (NAT), DMZ host. The parameters can be set via UDP computer tool software.
The GPRS network construction of present phase has become mature. With advantages including stable data communication, fast data transmission and large data volume, GPRS is applicable to large data volume transmission like industrial picture, video files, etc. The users of the Ethernet can share the internet by connecting W3100GR to Ethernet.
The present downlink speed of GPRS network is up to 150kbit/s and uplink speed is about 75kbit/s. The test speed in Shenzhen is about 100kbit/s and the uplink speed is about 30-40kbit/s.