مبدل سریال PL-106A

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PL-106 (PL-101) can covert the data from RS-232C to half duplex RS-485(RS-422) signal. It don’t need additional power supply and can get the power directly from PC side. By it’s “Automatic Send Data Line Control” function, you don’t need to use RTS, just plug it and no need to install any hardware or software and work well under RS-485(RS-422) communication

Product features

  • DB9-S/P space saving connector.
  • RS-232C data interface fully compatible with PC.
  • DB9 connector and 4-bit terminal are optional to RS-485 interface.
  • Automatic direction control of transmitting data (TXD), zero-latency design.
  • Working mode: asynchronous half duple.
  • High efficiency serial port electricity stealing technology, need no external power supply, real three line (TD, RD, GND) mode communication.
  • Communication speed: 0-115.2KBPS.

Transmission distance: 0-1200 meter@24AWG

Application fields

  • Point to point, point to multi-point communication.
  • Industrial distribution system, industrial control automation.
  • Road traffic control automation.
  • Closed circuit monitoring.
  • Security protection system.

Intelligent card, check on work attendance gate safety system.